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Photograph of Antony Quinn

Hi, I'm Antony Quinn. I was a software engineer for 20 years before becoming an actor and improviser. Now I help people in tech navigate challenging conversations and communicate with empathy, clarity and creativity.


ARM: gave hardware and software engineers realistic in handling their own real-life difficult conversations through roleplay.Software East: conference workshops on improvisation for design and engineering at Agile Cambridge, Agile in the City and UX Cambridge.Unboxed: gave intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) realistic practice in interviewing customers for new product development using Lean Startup practices


Antony was superb at putting himself in the persona of the challenging people the training attendees had to practise talking to. It was so realistic, I personally found his ability to change from one character to the next in minutes absolutely astounding!

Photograph of Adelina Chalmers

Adelina Chalmers
Owner, The Geek Whisperer

Antony worked with us during an "Innovation weekender" we were running for a large corporate client. We needed someone to role play a number of different customers who were being presented with new business propositions, for example the finance director of a manufacturing company in the Midlands. I was amazed by Antony's ability to understand the role with just a moment's notice and assume a highly convincing character with great detail and nuance. It provided enormous value to our participants and I'd highly recommend Antony in this capacity.

Photograph of Martyn Evans

Martyn Evans
Head of Product, Unboxed

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